Free from CO2, free to grow.

With a unique culture and know-how in terms of environmental sustainability, Ecotrade has long been promoting the use of alternative materials in replacement of natural materials and focuses its core business on the distribution of strategic by-products from a variety of industrial processes, including fly ashes, synthetic gypsum, blast furnace slag and iron silicate. Today, the use of green and CO2-free products is at once a means to stop waste from ending up in landfills (with inevitable repercussions for the environment) and the most modern and sustainable way to enable end users to meet increasingly stringent legal requirements and earn green-building credits (e.g.: LEED, BREAM). Green and CO2-free products offer maximum competitiveness against traditional raw materials, while significantly reducing the clinker factor in the cement production process.


Here’s a habit we don’t intend to give up: aiming to do better every day.

The experience we have gained in over 30 years in the business has enabled us to build extensive technical expertise and achieve a position of leadership on our reference markets. As from its establishment, Ecotrade has stood out as an excellent option for traders who are keen to seize occasional opportunities on the market, specialising in the supply of strategic products and 100% customer-oriented services. Our company vision focuses on the development of long-term industrial projects, delivering high quality, continuity and excellence every day and at every stage of business. On a national level, we are one of just a few companies who have maintained registration in the National Register of Waste Management Operators- Class A since 2011, with permission to handle more than 200,000 tons of non-hazardous waste, without holding it.


Reuse: a virtuous cycle.

That of a Circular Economy is a new and many-sided concept. It is primarily concerned with the flows of materials and energy that can be obtained from production and consumer waste, to be put back into use. This novel structural approach is supported by rapidly-evolving technologies and innovation, to translate into the creation of new types of products for the green building industry. In this context, Ecotrade specialises in researching new technologies and by-products that can be introduced in the cement production process, in replacement of natural raw materials. A team of professionals always abreast of developments means that Ecotrade and its network have been able to achieve, over the years, the highest standards of excellence in terms of innovation, to become global market leaders.


Flexibility is our cornerstone.

The group of which our company is part constitutes a comprehensive network of ultra-specialist experience and expertise. It is precisely for this reason that Ecotrade has been able to stand out on its reference market for its flexibility and dynamism. In thirty years in the business, we have created a team of constantly-evolving young and skilled professionals, who have allowed us to adapt to unforeseen market changes and, often, even anticipate them. That is why Ecotrade has become a factor for success for many Italian and international companies, an added value that enables them to gain a true competitive advantage over their competitors, relying on a flexible service that is constantly redesigned to suit their real needs.